Mold & Tool Design

Design services for injection molds

Robust tools start with a solid mold design

Involving Advance Tooling Concepts in your part design process allows us to work closely with your engineering team, providing a smooth transition from the prototype stages through injection mold design and on to final production.

Working from your CAD files (SolidWorks, Siemens UG-NX, etc.) or design drawings, we can refine your designs for improved part function and better moldability. We utilize mold flow analysis to further improve manufacturing efficiency. These processes help create superior quality parts that meet your requirements for fit, form, and function, while reducing potential part defects.

Advance Tooling Concepts has the experience and the expertise to tackle your challenging projects that may require multiple hydraulic or slide pulls, high cavitation, unscrewing action, collapsible cores and other complex high precision plastic injection mold designs. Tool designs can include cold runner, hot runner or hybrid systems based on the project requirements.  Gate type and location are always planned to provide the best production outcomes.  Based on your needs we can design a cold, hot or hybrid runner systems.

Every mold is designed in full 3D solids, providing complete digital representations and ensuring proper integration of all components. This design process allows us to handle your design changes with ease.

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